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Here you can find a wide range of chemicals used in today’s modern world. Not only the latest chemicals, we are also available with activation powders and conservation powders. Just tell us what you need and requirements are, and we’ll do whatever we can to get there. You can expect the right solutions for every type of sensitive issues at SSD-CHEMICAL.

The delivery of the products to the buyers is granted by the administration after a consultation carried out by one of our qualified technicians on your notes. Depending on the different cases, we will direct you to one of our laboratories in your area or region.


With our SSD chemical solution, you can easily clean your degraded silver, black, green. We always provide a manual guide with product delivery on how to go about the process. You can go through the instructions and follow them in the same way (if you do not want to be assisted by a technician). These guidelines will help you use this product appropriately. Using this chemical will help you clean up all kinds of paper currency impurities. You can use your money again with this chemical solution.

Our company is known for it’s high quality SSD chemical solution and other silver cleaning agents. We do not compromise on the quality of any product. We feed on the satisfaction of our customers and only provide them with the best. If you buy services from us, do it independently without worrying about anything.


Most at times we have seen that the color of the note gets changed. There may be many reasons for that,one of the most common and relevant reason is that when
the note becomes too old it start losing its color or gets some faint in it. But if it starts in new currency notes then the first thing is that it is not a real note. There are many chemicals available that can be used to make more strong color for the fake currency. We at sell some of the best and high- quality SSD Chemicals solutions which can be used to solve the discoloration problem of the currency.


The main application of these solutions is to make banknotes not to have lost their color. As it goes in many hands and it has high chances of getting faint. This chemical solution is highly required for all the notes. It acts as first aid and also as the entire treatment of discoloration of notes. It becomes most popular just because of its work in the global market. The application of the chemical is very simple and it can be applied without any other considerations. Order Activation Powder SSD Chemical Solution from our website as we are the best supplier of Activation Powder SSD Chemical Solution.

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